Embracing Vulnerability

Embracing Vulnerability

“Everything, in its way, is a gift—even the painful things. In reality, all of life—every moment, every experience—is an expression of spirit.”



In the grand scheme of things, embracing vulnerability is a beautiful practice. In another sense, sometimes it can be hard to see it that way. Nobody has to tell you to allow yourself to become vulnerable to pleasant experiences. That’s easy, natural, and desirable. The challenge with this practice is to embrace all of reality. Even the experiences that are difficult.

The reason why we do this is to move towards awakening. I also think that it is about being a healthy human being. The whole point to any kind of spiritual practice is to embody the qualities your true nature, even if it is yet to be realized for oneself. And in doing these practices we move closer to what we are seeking. So that one day we can become conscious of a deeper domain of our being.

I personally have been practicing embracing vulnerability for over a year now. And from my experience I can say that it has brought me into a much deeper intimacy with reality. When this happens we become prone to getting to the bottom of things with existence. We can more easily understand the truth to reality.

I know “embracing vulnerability” is pretty broad. I define it as this because there is a lot of depth and dimensions of this practice. And the interesting thing about it, the more I practice the more I find that it is always new. Every moment is different, and that constantly changes the practice of embracing the moment. Also, the more I do this I continue to find new ways to embrace vulnerability. 

Heres a few ways you can do this practice in daily life.


Eye contact

When connecting with others, make firm eye contact, and even try holding it. Personally, I didn’t realize how little eye contact I give people until after I started trying this. It is a powerful thing. We can connect on a deeper level this way, and not only with others but ourselves as well. Usually, the reason why we shy away from firm eye contact is because it may be awkward. But this is yet another thing to open up to, which leads to my next topic of practice.

Embrace those emotions!

In this day and age, if we feel anything besides pure joy people tell us we need to be “fixed.” But the reality is you’re a human being. We are emotional creatures, it’s all part of the deal. If we hide from difficult emotions we are just holding onto them. We aren’t really dealing with them that way. (I also go deeper into this topic in a previous article titled “Dealing with Thoughts and Emotions”). And when we hold onto/burry our emotions, they wont magically vanish. They may come up again, and maybe in a new form. And we will continue to struggle with them.

Release your preferences

One more variation of this off the top of my head is to let go of the preferred ways in which you want to moment to play out. Let go of your control. Im not saying be a door mat, or a pushover. I’m also not saying don’t try to direct your life. But this is about allowing anything to happen. This is really the same thing as the previous variation, just on a physical level. If you’re anything like me you like to plan out your day. The thing is life isn’t always in perfect synchronicity with your thoughts. As long as you have your preferences you are creating the possibility for life to “go wrong.” So the next time something unexpected happens don’t resist it. After all, we don’t have much of a choice. Embrace the lack of control you have over the moment. And as you align with life, life will align with you. You will experience real synchronicity.


These are just a few examples of how to engage with this practice. You might also try asking yourself; “what makes me feel vulnerable, or uncomfortable.” Whatever you come up with try working with that.

The more you practice embracing life the deeper you go into your true nature. And as you see results in your direct experience you will see how beautiful it is. And when you see that, you can take this practice a step further. You don’t have to stop at embracing life, you can enjoy it too. And this makes you available to the experience of divine love. Because you cant love anything without first embracing it. So This is just my invitation to embrace rather than resist.

Let’s live a profound life.


Thank you for reading