“How clearly can your humanity embody the enlightened condition?”

- Adyashanti


I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for quite some time now. As it compliments the last two articles I wrote on “Seeking” part 1 and 2.


Whenever we read books, watch videos, go on retreat, or take in any kind of spiritual teaching its usually catered towards the perspective of seeking. So much that it seems as though that’s all spirituality is. Just endless seeking and practice. But if that were really the case I have a hard time believing that anyone would pursue an endless voyage.

“Seeking” part one and two were written about opening the mind and heart as a means to pursue self realization. And this is what seeking leads to. “Finding,” or realizing the nature of our own existence.

It’s more rare to come by teachings for post finding. So I want to touch in on that.


The good news is that the practice after initial realization isn’t all that much different from before. We can continue to open ourselves up to life, letting all of reality in. But now that you’ve gone beyond ego, and realized what you truly are on a deeper level, you can incorporate this into your life. And that’s really the main difference between pre to post realization practice.

The more enlightenment experiences we go through, the more clarity and depth we have on our true nature. So, coming from my personal experience, the best thing that we can do after a self realization experience is to do our best to live our lives as our deepest realized nature rather than the illusory ego. To embody what we have realized ourselves to be as fully as we can.


Here are a few tips for doing this:


1. Meditating everyday is extremely helpful. It helps calm the mind to relax into our deepest realized nature. Because you can only reach this kind of depth by letting go. You have to relax into it. Spirituality cannot be willfully achieved. It can only be done willingly. And the more we practice connecting with the depth of our being, the deeper we can go and continue this awakening process.


2. Try noticing the 3 biggest qualities of our true nature that stands out to you the most, and embody those qualities though your humanity/personality. Some qualities you notice might be; innocence, loving, awake, clear, detached, vulnerable, complete, etc. This is a helpful way to embody self realization.


The more you embody your deepest realized nature you might come to realize that this is all spirituality will be. To realize greater depths of life and embodying these depths through our humanity. And as we live as our true nature beyond egoic illusion, everything else that spirituality and religion seems to be about, like being a good person, working through emotions and thoughts in a healthy way, serving the world, etc. will fall into place naturally.

So, speaking from my own experience, this is what the practice looks like. This is what spirituality in general looks like when you’ve been giving the birds eye view of awakening. Enlightenment is like climbing a mountain. It is sometimes a struggle and seemingly an uphill battle. But the higher you go, the more you see, brining greater understanding for the whole. But is there an end to the mountain of spirituality? Personally I haven’t reached the source. Someone who has once said; “we can experience the infinite through our limited perspectives, and as we continue to move through life we can keep letting go, and keep letting go. And so on.” He also stated; “the more we take the time to connect with our deepest realizations, the more it becomes our natural way of moving through life.”

So I guess you can say, in a very real sense, that spirituality is an endless voyage. But it doesn’t have to be a fruitless practice. Awakening naturally changes your life. To embody what you’ve awakened to can become your natural way of operating. And to me, the endless voyage of a spiritual life, to continue to become what you already are, is what makes it all worth while.


Thank you for reading.