Seeking part 1

Seeking part 1

“The path of the heart takes you out of the mind.”

-Ram Dass


Spiritual seeking; what is it, how do we do it, why do we do it? Personally I feel experienced enough in this topic to explain it after doing some finding. I also want to be clear that I am still seeking as well. My goal is to shed some light within the darkness. Or better yet, invite you into the darkness to see the truest light. This is really the whole mission of Frequency Goods. I know what it’s like to ache for truth. So I hope these words can help in any way possible.



What is it?

In my experience spiritual seeking is basically pursuing existential truth. To seek what we are. It is a response to the spiritual instinct, which is something that is innate within us all. We all obviously have a fundamental nature. Everything naturally does. But for most it is unconscious. What we really are is asleep, and it is beckoning to wake up to itself, within itself. This is something that has to be done on your own. Nobody can do this for you.


How do we do it?

This is a doozie of a question. To sum up the way of seeking is to “enter the unknown.” But before that, the foundation of the whole process, is curiosity. Because how could anyone pursue something unknown if there is no curiosity. That being said, I think the most important thing to do, the first thing to do, is to let go of our beliefs. Because how could you expect to find the truth if you think you already have it through your beliefs. And just to be clear, there are beliefs that we need for the sake of survival and operating through daily life. So I’m not talking about those beliefs. For example, I believe that I will be successful as an entrepreneur, and this belief keeps me going. Or, I believe that water sustains life. I’ve never died from dehydration, and I’m not a scientist so I don’t really know. But I believe it because I’m not planning on dying anytime soon and it makes me feel good. Also, in order to pursue enlightenment you obviously have to believe in it. The belief in enlightenment is where we get the motivation to pursue it. But this eventually needs to be released in order to allow yourself to receive it, and to continue the quest for truth. Letting go of belief isn’t just the way to truth, it is truth. For example, if you’ve never experienced enlightenment, you need to ask yourself; do I even know if this is a possibility? The truth is “I do not know.” So by coming to realize that you actually don’t know is the introduction to living truthfully.

Ok so just had to get that out of the way.

So back to letting go of belief. I’ve talked to many people about spirituality, and this is by far the one thing that most people can’t seem to wrap their heads around. Understandably so, it’s scary at first. When I propose this method I often get the response; “who would you even be without your beliefs?” Well that’s whole point. Who are you really? Or what are you really? And if you’re even asking that question, you don’t need my help answering it. Because you already know how. Try letting go of all of your beliefs and see for yourself. See what you really are. To “answer” this question is truly a remarkable thing. I can’t think of anything that would be more fulfilling or meaningful than that.

After all, all a belief is is attaching yourself to your own thoughts. YOU are not a thought, let alone a complex web of them. And by letting go of them is what I meant by “inviting you into the darkness.” Letting go of what you think you know is how to enter the unknown. Like I said above, in order to do this you have to be curious. You have to want the truth more than you want to be comfortable. Because if there is a deeper truth that defies what we are currently comfortable with, this implies that getting to that truth will inevitably be uncomfortable. But don’t worry, you’ll learn to crave that kind of uncomfortability. Living within the unknown, uncertainty, in general tends to be uncomfortable. At least at first it is. And this is why I wanted to sit down and write this. Because moving through the unknown can be scary. You’ll feel more lost than ever, and it can suck at times. But I can assure you that what it leads to is more that worth it.

Like I stated above, we all have a spiritual instinct. All you really have to do to seek the truth of your own nature is to just follow that instinct. All that is required to do this is to let go. As long as you’re holding on you’re stuck. I think this instinct is what draws people to religion. But with this we can be misled and get stuck in belief. Because the mind loves to grasp. It also loves a quick fix. So if we’re given “answers,” we can easily grasp and become satisfied with what has been given to us. But like I already stated, only you can really answer these questions. Nobody can have a realization for you. And in order to progress in anything there needs to be a lack of satisfaction. If you are satisfied with your beliefs then making progress to reaching the truth will be much less likely. And if you are satisfied with your beliefs that’s perfectly ok. Just to be clear, I’m not against religion.

According to the Bible, Saint John once said; “In order to come to the knowledge you have not, you must go by a way in which you know not.” This is basically saying enter the unknown. You can’t come to what you don’t know through the known. And all religious text I’ve read talks about this. So religious belief seems to be counterintuitive. You’d literally be doing exactly what it’s telling you not to do.

So getting in touch with the spiritual instinct is very valuable in spirituality. And I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean by the spiritual instinct. When I had my spark of spiritual instinct I became extremely curious about life, and myself. Everything becomes a complete mystery. This is the only way I know how to explain it. Its like a subtle pull, trying to bring you back into your own nature. It’s like this direct intimacy, and you just keep getting more and more intimate with the direct experience. But like everything else in spirituality it is something to be discovered on your own. And when you do find it, just keep on following it into truth. And you do that by not coming to conclusions and staying curious. When you get lost, that’s good sign that you’re on the right track.


Why do we do it?

Maybe to live with truth and not illusion. To understand what’s happening with this thing called life? To become more and more intimate with life, and yourself. To be the best you. To be at ease with yourself and life. To find true fulfillment. To serve the world through being and example. To respond to the existential beckoning of self realization.

So I guess a better question would be; why wouldn’t we do it?


This article is dedicated to the ones who are lost. I hope this can help. And to those who are not yet curious, I hope this can inspire.


Thank you for reading.