Stay Curious

Stay Curious

“Wisdom is limited to an awareness of ones own ignorance.” - Socrates


Why do I say “stay curious?” Why be curious? Curious about what? What do I mean by this? Im trying to express the art of unattachment. Not only externally but most importantly internally. Unattachment is the core of a lot of spiritual practices.

Unattachment is a very tricky practice with too many pitfalls to count. The reason why I promote the “stay curious” message is to encourage a healthy skepticism, vast open-mindedness, an unattached lifestyle, and really to get people thinking on a broad level. Which is all really the same thing. To be curious about reality and getting to the foundation of our experience is the goal. Im here to promote spiritual awakening, which is an undeniable realization regarding the nature of existence. Now if you are a fellow truth seeker you might have heard about the practice of unattachment. 

With most religions and all of the mythology with them comes many beliefs. Now what is a belief? A belief is an internal form of attachment. It’s just attaching yourself to a thought. Thats all a belief is, a thought that you enjoy more than the many, many others you have. Hopefully this makes you reflect a little, because it seems to me that most people don't understand this.

Why do we only choose a few thoughts to listen to? Its been said that the average amount of thoughts humans have per day is 50,000 to 70,000. Of course its ridiculous to make a statement like that but its a good example of how many thoughts are running through your field of awareness. And all of that chatter in your mind is the “known.” The average mind is untamed and chaotic. Its like a squirrel on crack. It doesn't know what its talking about. Yet thoughts are the source of everything we do. They’re the root of all action.

You may feel uncomfortable and on defense if you have a lot of firm beliefs, but your uncomfortability is really proving my point. When people get offended by something, that just means their thoughts that they've attached themselves to are being threatened. belief is a subtle way of comforting yourself. Because who wants to be “that guy” who doesn't know. 

Growing up in this society we've been conditioned to have the desire to be smart and full of knowledge. Being smart gives people “power” and “control” in social situations. So why wouldn't you want to be smart? Well, power and control are two beliefs on their own. Plus, knowledge is just one big web of beliefs. And with real knowledge we need some sort of justification. A lot of people have their own definitions of justification. Listening to a teacher, parent, or preacher may be enough justification for you, but in my book the only justification is direct experience.

But of course, knowledge and a sense of self are absolutely necessary in being a functional human being and operating in society. If you don't have a sense of self you literally wouldn't do anything, because there wouldn't be a you to be doing anything. Understanding the nature of knowledge and the self, and not engulfing yourself in them is important. The self and knowledge are really just survival tactics. You can easily become forever lost in the self and common knowledge. And most people are. What needs to be understood is that in the “egoic point of view,” knowledge and the self are absolutely necessary. But when you transcend the mind and body through an experience that buddhism calls “kenshō” (which is the first enlightenment realization) knowledge couldn't be more useless, and is really thrown out the window all together.

Belief plays a big part in causing conflict as well. One person believes this, the other believes that. This is how arguments (and wars) start. It’s totally natural for people to take pride in knowledge. Everyone has their own topics they know and love. But knowledge comes from the “external.” The external reality is ultimately an illusion. So knowledge is really believing your illusions. An undeniable insight can only come from within. It’s really just expanding your awareness.

Humans like to comfort themselves with a sense of control and certainty. When the mind is uncertain it tends to look for the first thought to cling to to provide the comfort of certainty. Weather or not that thought is true, you want to believe that it is, because not knowing anything to be true is commonly an unpleasant thought. And this whole process of belief is extremely subtle and unconscious, so before you come to conclusions and start wring an angry letter take a very close look at your own experience and reflect. And most importantly, be honest with yourself.

For most people unattachment isn't easy. Its scary for them and takes a lot of courage. Belief is attachment, attached to a thought. When I realized this it fed my lack of satisfaction with belief. What I want is truth. Not to be convinced by the common thought. Yet there are so many deep beliefs we have and are so unaware these are beliefs in the first place. The self, the external reality, knowledge. These are all very deeply seated beliefs. 

But everyone has their own level of satisfaction. If belief is satisfying to you then by all means keep believing. I think its important to understand what a belief is regardless. Its not the truth. Its what you want it to be. Dont get me wrong, I have my own beliefs. But when it comes to topics I'm trying to actually understand I steer clear from them. And this topic in particular goes far beyond communication. I believe this business will succeed. I believe in aliens. I believe everyone has a deep desire to wake up the the nature of what they are. And that desire is what I'm trying to evoke within you. If it doesn't have anything to do with the nature of reality than I’m not too worried about it. Although, it’s a difficult practice. So letting go of the small beliefs is a good starting point. If you can't let go of the idea of santa clause, how could you let go of the deep, unconscious assumption regarding the way reality is operating.

Humans crave the known. But what we’re all after, self discovery, god, brahman, buddha mind, christ consciousness, is within the unknown… for now. We don't know these things for certain and yet we continue to deceive ourselves with a false sense of certainty through beliefs. That being said, relying on a belief system isn't seeking truth, god or anything related. It’s settling for a pleasant picture in your head and assuming its true. Its what is most convenient and comfortable. Humans love the idea of any kind of god, afterlife and any other perks of a belief system. But what god actually is transcends the realm of thought and existence all together. So it just doesn't make sense to me to look for the unknown within the known. But I guess thats not really “looking” in the first place. How can you expect to find an authentic understanding if you think you already have it? You have to let go of your thoughts to allow yourself to receive a true understanding.

Questioning everything brings an excitement and mystery to everyday life. This lifestyle will change your life forever. It may not always be peaches and cream, but if you ask me its a hell of a lot better than living in my imagination. 

Letting go of what you think is true is like falling, which is one reason why people like to stay attached. Belief makes people feel safe. Nobody wants to fall. But in this case there is no ground to fall on. You let go and just keep falling down the rabbit hole of pure confusion. Its true liberation. If you're floating down a river, what lies ahead is unknown. You may want to stay on land because its safe, certain, and you can stand there telling yourself that you’ve floated down all the way. But you have to let go and fall to enter the unknown. And its liberating to be free.

So I totally invite you to let go and fall with me. From my own experience I can tell you that what you can get out of unattachment is truly remarkable, and it just keeps getting more and more amazing. 

I can only imagine how long humans have wanted to find out the source of existence. From my own experience, unattachment has been a very efficient path so far. If you think I’m bashing on religion, I assure you I’m not. This is what its all about. At least at the core. There are many paths up the mountain. But it’s all on the same mountain. All I’m saying is that the path i’ve been on for the past few years is pretty damn promising. Were all just looking for truth in life. The truth may not be what you want it to be. Its more incredible than you can possibly imagine.


Thank you for reading.