I started all of this after I became curious about reality. What is it? Why am I here? Whats the point? What am I really? 

Crystals and meditation led me to ask all of these fundamental questions. They may seem so basic and cliche that you wouldn't even bother wasting your time to ask them. But we have constructed our lives with our self as the core motivation for everything we do. And yet we don't understand this reality let alone the self. 

What if we all woke up to the fundamental nature of reality and the self? How would our lives change? Maybe we could all be treated equally, come together and live as one. Not putting business first and working to live on this planet without destroying it. This is what we would call a “conscious revolution.” This is the mission of Frequency. Not just to bring everyone together, but to help you realize the nature of you and your reality. This is called enlightenment, spiritual awakening, bodhi. Doesn't really matter what you call it, because there is so many different ways to say it. Its the most fundamental thing we can do as human beings. Why do what we do if we don't know why we do it or how its being done? This is what I call a “not so blissful ignorance.” Unaware like a baby without the blissfulness of being a fresh consciousness. Also, that it tends to cause a lot of suffering. My mission is to get through to these people. The ones that tend to take life very seriously, and experience a large amount of anguish. 

Enlightenment is the cure for everything. After all, life is just a mind game. How could you suffer if there is no one to do the suffering? What if what you’ve been identifying yourself with your entire life is a complete misconception? What if everything you’ve ever leaned, and everything you think you know is a manmade concept?

I don't know about you, but as I slowly started to ask myself these questions, embracing my deep confusion, coming up with more questions, I started to seek existential truth. Because I realized that I know absolutely nothing about anything, and I wasn't satisfied with belief. After realizing this I owe it to myself to at least try to get to the bottom of some of these basic questions. 

I then learned that enlightenment is very tricky business. Also, it seemed in many religions and spiritual paths that this “higher consciousness” was a pipe dream, something to just worship or believe, or a lifetime of work to achieve. But with the help from a few of my favorite sources I’ve been able to make my first contact with enlightenment within a year and a half. Enlightenment is real. It doesn't have to take a lifetime, and it doesn't have to be a belief. For me this is the most important message to bring forth. 

I think a big reason that most people don't pursue enlightenment is that its been expressed through religion, which makes it seem like a fantasy, myth, or something that only a wizard is worthy of. Its very much attainable so don't be afraid to try. But in order to try you need to be curious about it right? The ‘know how’ cant hurt either.

I still have much to learn, and I don't think that will ever change. But Im here to pass on the insight I receive from wherever its coming from. So stick with me, because I'm here to help you.